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Marine Dock    NEW!

Perfect Combination with  Isatphone Pro for Indoor Use

Place the Isatphone Pro satellite phone into the Marine Dock Station, you have an Indoor Satellite Phone.
Un-dock the satellite phone, you can take it along and use it as a portable satellite phone. 
Equipped with ACTIVE Marine Antenna, it support reliable Voice, SMS & Email Texting functions  of the Isatphone Pro.
Ideal for various types of Marine Vessels like Yachts, Fishing Boats, and Ships.
The MarineDock come complete with the Dock Station , power supply cable, External Active Antenna with 10 meter cable.


  • EXTERNAL ACTIVE ANTENNA for excellent signal receive ability and stable operation.
  • INTELLIGENT BATTERY CHARGING . Built-in MCU, detects battery status, stop charging when full
  • HANDSFREE OPERATION with built-in handsfree speaker phone
  • USB Data Access
  • WALL or DESKTOP mounting options
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION.  High quality ABS Plastic
  • EQUIPPED with 10 meter standard cable length.  Longer lengths available as option.
  • DC POWER :  9 - 36 volt DC .  AC/DC adaptor is optional

Satellite Repeater / Signal Booster  (Model SRT-01)    NEW!

Support the use of Inmarsat & Thuraya Satellite Phones Indoor!

Bring satellite phone reception indoor!  No more missed calls when indoor.  Satellite Indoor Repeaters are compact, cost effective solutions, designed to provide satellite network coverage into an indoor environment.
Our Satellite Indoor Repeater will support both Inmarsat & Thuraya Satellite Phone services, enabling the use of Isatphone Pro , Thuraya XT & XT Dual, SO-2510 , SG-2520, Explorer BGAN terminals etc..  Ideal for remote offices, resorts and farms.  Very cost effective solution, support multiple users.


  • INDOOR SATELLITE RECEPTION enabling mobile satellite phone terminals for use inside of the building.
  • COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION, support multiple users
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION.  Installation Guide provided
  • SUPPORT UP TO 400 SQ Meter coverage (unblocked)
  • COMPLETE KIT comprising of the Satellite Repeater Unit, AC/DC power adaptor, Outdoor Antenna with 10 mtr cable, Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna with 2 mtr cable, Installation Accessories & User Guide
Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna - ISA-190  NEW!

Designed for use with Iridium Portable Satellite Phones like the 9500, 9505, 9505A and the new Iridium 9555. 
It extends the Iridium satellite reception indoor and is perfect for use in certain marine as well as land applications.
Ideal for working barges and oil & gas platforms as well as remote offices.  Installation is quick and simple by just positioning the external antenna with a clear and open view of the sky and run the single antenna cable from the antenna to the Iridium phone 's external antenna adaptor ( - not included).

A standard kit will comprise of the ISA-190 Antenna with mounting accessories (pole not include), 10 meters cable with matching connectors.

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